Schenks Corner


Where the story of Food Fight started
Food Fight was born on the main avenue that runs through this vibrant, historic neighborhood. For 25 years we called the corner of Atwood and Winnebago home. But time marches on, in 2016 Food Fight Restaurant Group out grew the original office and moved to Monona Drive just down the road.
The Schenks-Atwood neighborhood still feels like home, but the Monona community has welcomed us with open arms. This wonderful sense of community can be felt throughout all of Madison. That’s why, no matter where we are, we are proud to support our local Madison communities.

Leading means being ahead of the crowd. Thanks to Peder, we were a leader in going smoke-free, and in offering benefits and stock buy-ins and paid vacations for wait staff. Even the very first Food Fight restaurant offered an extensive vegetarian menu, well before the term was widely known. That’s what happens when your leader is a visionary who couples imagination with high standards.From the beginning, being a good neighbor has motivated us our actions in this community. When we bought the old Severson’s Phillips 66 Service Station at 2089 Atwood Avenue, for example, we knew its history. We knew that the gas station had been built by Olaf Severson in 1936, and that his nephews, Dick and Dave Havey, had subsequently owned and operated it from 1950 until we showed up in 1989. So, rather than demolish this local landmark, we decided to repurpose it into a new kind of gathering spot — an authentic neighborhood diner with a modern twist. We filled it with creative nods to vintage diner design, and we added fresh, locally sourced versions of traditional comfort food to the menu. Thanks to the people of Schenks-Atwood, the restaurant was a hit. And pretty soon patrons were coming from all over Madison to order their favorite meal or try something new. And it wasn’t long before the restaurant everyone calls Monty’s or The Blue Plate anchored the renaissance of one of Madison’s greatest neighborhoods.