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Photo of Jason Van Ommeren

Jason Van Ommeren, Executive Chef · Canteen

Jason van Ommeren was born on the South Side of Chicago and was raised in Naperville, IL. He comes from a Dutch/Indonesian family and and was exposed to a variety of foreign foods from a very young age. He spent the last 11 years working in the restaurant industry in Jefferson County while living in Lake Mills, WI. "The kitchen is very much a team sport. Everybody has their role and you rely on everyone to perform together to be successful. From the expo to the dishwasher, every team member is key. When everything is clicking, it's a really great feeling. You can't help but to have a familyhood when the people you rely on have your back and you have theirs." Before coming to Food Fight, Jason was the Executive Chef at the Grist Bar and Table in Lake Mills and a line cook at Waterhouse Foods. Jason recently staged at L'Etoile right here in Madison where he studied French culinary techniques under James Beard Award-winning Chef Tory Miller. "The way I see it, the more experience I get at this, the more ideas and people I can bring into the restaurant. The more exciting and quality food I help put out the better. Whether my role is an Executive Chef at a higher grossing restaurant, or a consultant, or an entrepreneur, it is really all about great food. I enjoy the directing, the control, the responsibility, and the creativity of food service." When Jason isn't busy working for Food Fight, he is going to school for business management and will soon receive his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. He also enjoys snowboarding, hunting and playing basketball. He enjoys working for Food Fight because he says everyone seems very down to earth and focused on quality and customer service.