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Photo of Javier Olivos

Javier Olivos, Executive Chef · Eldorado Grill

Javier started his career in Food Fight Restaurant Group in 2009 when he applied for a position in the kitchen at Eldorado Grill. At the time, Eldorado Grill didn't have any kitchen work available, so they offered Javier a position bussing tables and occasionally dishwashing until a line cook position opened up. "Kevin Tubb was my biggest mentor to get where I am today. When I started to work on the line, everyone had more experience and had been at Eldorado longer than me. Kevin worked with me to show me what tasted good and what foods and flavors worked well together. That was the beginning of my learning." Javier enjoyed learning everything he could and eventually gained enough experience to be named the chef at Eldorado Grill. "My favorite thing about working in restaurants is putting plates together. To me, this isn't just a job, it is an art. To be able to balance things, so they taste good and look good...that's my favorite thing." Javier especially enjoys working for Food Fight because of the many opportunities the company has for individuals to grow and to expand their knowledge of the many facets of the restaurant industry. "I feel very fortunate that I knocked on Eldorado's door and that they opened it to me. That moment changed my life and continues to present me with challenges. I've learned that I can do things that I never thought I'd be capable of doing or achieving. I'm in a position that I never would have imagined seven years ago. Sincerely, I feel so lucky to be part of this company." In his free time, Javier likes to relax and spend time with his daughters. He likes to cook at home too, and his youngest daughter loves it when he cooks for her.