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Photo of Jordan Bright

Jordan Bright, Managing Partner · Food Fight

Jordan grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin to attend school at UW-Madison in 2006. While a student at UW he worked in a local bar/restaurant. Jordan soon realized that the service industry was his passion and he started to explore opportunities to turn that passion into a career. “I came up in the hospitality industry behind the bar. It all started in a college bar setting that I worked in for over four years. I was able to develop a strong volume bartender skill set that allowed me to pursue the bar manager role at Fresco. That job allowed me to develop and fine-tune my elevated dining knowledge while taking on the new leadership and managerial responsibilities that have lead to me to my current role with Food Fight.” Jordan loves the unique identity and energy each Food Fight restaurant has. He says when everything is clicking, and energy is at its peak, the feeling is pretty incredible. Jordan loves that feeling and also the excitement working with people in the industry provides him on a daily basis. “They are some of the most creative people you will ever meet. Whether that is a chef's creativity showing up on a plate, a manager’s ability to problem-solve on the spot, or a server's ability to make an immediate connection with a guest - it's all rooted in creativity. Working with people like that every day is incredible. On top of that, the best part of the industry is still the food. For the most part we all got into this business because of that common thread. Being around so many talented chefs and getting to taste their food on daily basis is the best job perk I have ever heard of.” When Jordan isn’t working, he is a self-described basketball junkie. He loves to play and enjoys watching almost any competitive level of basketball. In the summer, Jordan is up for any activity that gets him outside. He particularly enjoys “hacking away” on a golf course. At the end of the day he enjoys cooking at home with his fiancee Emmy and relaxing with their two cats Maisy and Olive.