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Photo of Beth Czech

Beth Czech, Senior Designer · Food Fight

A graduate of illustration at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Beth came to Madison in 2007 for a job in design. Food became a second love when she spent a year backpacking and working on farms in Australia with her husband. Here she gained a true appreciation for the work it takes to grow and put quality food on the table. During this time, she continued to enjoy the adventure of trying new things. Be it a dish she's never had or a cocktail made from ingredients she never thought could work together, she loves to try it all and have her horizons ever broadened. When Beth saw an opening for a design position at Food Fight in 2013, she knew it'd be a perfect combination of the things she's passionate about. Beth was hired on as a Graphic Design and Social Media intern and is now the Senior Designer. Here, she never knows what new creative challenge will greet her on a day to day basis. "I love the variety of my work," Beth says. "One minute I'm designing a Star Wars-themed poster for a beer event, the next I'm styling food at a pizza photo shoot, later I'm laying out a menu for one of my favorite restaurants. It's fun to adapt my style to so many diverse brands and projects and help create new ideas." Beth adds that all the food, drinks, and events she gets to enjoy don't hurt either. In her off time, Beth enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, cooking and exploring all that Madison has to offer. She loves that the line between work and play is so organic at Food Fight. "We're serious about our work," she says, "but we genuinely enjoy hanging out outside of work, visiting all the different restaurants and attending events. It's such a fun company culture."