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Photo of Jeff Beale

Jeff Beale, Director of Operations · Market Street Diner

There are restaurant people...and there are lifers. And there's no mistaking what Jeff Beale is.. "I've worked in restaurants since I was 15," says the Rockford, Illinois, native. "I don't know what else I would do." After graduated from culinary school at Kendall College more than 20 years ago, Jeff honed his craft in Chicago for 12 years. He then opened two different Milwaukee-area eateries as executive chef, and was Culinary Director at Wild Planet before joining Food Fight. Jeff's favorite parts of restaurant life are "the people, the daily challenges and little victories...the instant gratification of pleasing your guests...creativity and new ideas." Of those, the people are the most unique. "We are a unique breed...we all have different background stories but must share some crazy gene to do this...Truly committed and devoted restaurant people are great to work with, converse with, and learn from." With Jeff's experience and engaging personality, his co-workers will learn a lot from him, too.