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Photo of Leia Jordan

Leia Jordan, Assistant General Manager · Avenue Club

A native Madisonian, Leia Jordan has worked as a server and as a host "way back in the day" and has worked most front-of-house positions en route to her current position as Assistant General Manager. Of restaurant life, Leia treasures the fast-paced environment, meeting people, and forming relationships with her co-workers. "i've always had fun with my peers," says Leia; "it's a different way of life." Having been with Food Fight for a number of years, Leia has seen many facets of the company, mainly "the ongoing effort to provide a healthy work environment and all the benefits they provide to help employees," she says. Speaking of enjoying a healthy environment, Leia loves to be outside, "unless it's winter," she says. "In winter I catch up on Game of Thrones."