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Photo of Lindsay Freund

Lindsay Freund, Assistant General Manager · Market Street Diner

"My mom has always been a baker and shared her passion with me," says Lindsay. "That inspired me to pursue my degree in Baking and Pastry Arts Management. Working as a line cook for a year as a high school senior truly showed me the restaurant world and I haven't looked back since." After graduating from from the Culinary Institute of America, Lindsay worked at a hotel in Vermont for a year and a half as an assistant pastry chef, then moved to Madison to be the lead pastry chef at a fine dining establishment. Eventually she became less and less enamored of the pastry chef role and gravitated toward the "front of the house" (management). Maybe it was the unpredictability of it all. "Restaurants are controlled chaos," says Lindsay. "I like restaurants when everything is on the edge of being totally out of control but is still operating perfectly." Not surprisingly, Lindsay's favorite aspect of restaurant work is the people. "Restaurant people are interesting," she says. "Everyone is here for you and to support you in whatever you need and completely understanding when you mess something up!"