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Photo of Richie Layton

Richie Layton, General Manager · Bar Corallini

Richard Layton is originally from Des Moines, Iowa. He decided he wanted to work in Madison because it is close to his wife’s family in Chicago and also because it is a city known for restaurants that take pride in providing great hospitality. Richard was a bartender and server for many years and also spent time as a restaurant manager before studying wine for a few years. He has worked in all different types of bars and restaurants from live music venues, dive bars, breweries, local bistros, and high-end fine dining. “Every day is something new and always changing. I love talking about wine with customers and making the topic interesting, cool and hopefully fun to talk about. I feel that wine is something to be shared and there is always something to learn. I love making guests smile and laugh. It is a great feeling knowing I’ve had a positive influence on a customer’s experience. There is nothing else like it.” Richard loves the diversity of the hospitality industry. He enjoys that everyone has a unique story and reason for being in the business. He believes that if you surround yourself with passionate people there is always something new to learn. In his freetime Richard loves to go running and hiking. “I have been studying wine for the past few years, and plan on continuing the journey. My wife and I love finding new restaurants around the world, drinking interesting wine, and traveling. We have traveled to over 20 countries together and hope to continue adding more to the list. Our favorite places include Iceland, Slovenia, Belgium, Vietnam and Italy. I pride myself on being outgoing, positive and always willing to help others.”