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Photo of Emily Hesse

Emily Hesse, Event Coordinator · Cento

Emily Hesse is originally from Janesville, WI and started her career with Food Fight as a server at Dlux. Eventually, she became a bartender and a shift manager before moving on to work in Event Planning. “I started out in the industry in high school hosting and then serving. I picked up a serving job at Dlux over my first summer staying in Madison during college. I gained more responsibility and experience in the industry over the years while also undertaking other internships at the Henry Vilas Zoo and Clean Wisconsin. I went to school for Communications & Environmental Studies and have a background in helping plan and execute charity and fundraising events.” Emily likes working for Food Fight because she has the opportunity to work with a huge network of people from many different restaurants. She likes working in restaurants because she says that restaurant people are fun, nice, quick thinkers, and are understanding. She says that restaurant people are versatile and know how to handle any situation thrown their way. “I like that restaurants are constantly changing and keep you on your toes. Working behind the scenes and making sure people are having an enjoyable time is something I take pride in. I enjoy knowing how all the moving parts of a system work and restaurants have tons of moving parts keeping them together.” When Emily isn’t busy planning events she enjoys paddle boarding, hiking and pretty much anything outdoors. She loves exploring new places to eat, drink, and have fun. “I love traveling to tropical places to enjoy beaches and plant-life. I lived for three months in Bocas del Toro, Panama where I snorkeled in shallow reefs, explored the rainforests, worked with locals on becoming more sustainable.”