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Photo of Erin Topp

Erin Topp, Catering Sales Director · Market Street Catering

Erin is originally from Theresa, WI. She moved to Madison with her then boyfriend, now husband, after her position at Wilderness Resort was eliminated. Erin has worked in the service industry for more than ten years. “My first job when I was still in high school was as a server at our local family restaurant. I liked the flexible hours and the immediate cash. I bartended my way through college and then, after several years in the hotel industry, I wound up back in the food industry working with weddings and events.” During college Erin was a bartender at various venues around campus and also served tables at a supper club during the summers. After college she worked in Hotel Guest Services for about eight years until transitioning into the role of Event Detailing Manager. After two years in that position Erin became an Event Director before coming to Food Fight. “I love what I do because no day is the same. I also find my position uniquely challenging because I have to be prepared for anything. It takes a special type of person to plan every detail and yet still be able to go with the flow when changes and challenges arise throughout the event. I love working with clients and helping them celebrate whatever milestone they happen to be experiencing. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers,'s so much fun to play a part in their special moments.” Erin is recently married. She has a big family that she is very close with and loves spending a lot of time with. Aside from family time, Erin is a roller coaster junkie and a huge country music fan. She and her husband like to take in as many concerts as they can.