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Photo of Ashley Sheehy

Ashley Sheehy, General Manager · Craftsman Table and Tap

Ashley was born and raised in Deforest, WI and has spent more than 16 years in the restaurant industry. She started her career as a server before becoming a bartender, a shift manager and eventually rising to the position of General Manager. “I took a gap year after high school and starting serving in an Italian restaurant on the North Side of Madison. I was very shy, and working in a restaurant was out of my comfort zone big time. I slowly came out of my shell and realized that I was really good with people and was having a lot of fun serving so I chose to keep working in a restaurant. I developed a huge passion for making people happy through hospitality/food and here I am today.” Ashley loves meeting new people and says it is refreshing that people you meet in the restaurant industry come from all different walks of life. She likes that she never knows what each day working in the restaurant will bring and who she might meet on any particular day. “Restaurant people have the most interesting personalities. We all come from different places and backgrounds. I find that restaurant people always have the most interesting stories and that I learn a lot from my coworkers. The people at Food Fight are great and I have fun getting to know each of them the longer I am with the company.” After working a long week Ashley likes to spend time with her family. She has a four-year-old daughter and a puppy that keep her and her husband busy. They enjoy going camping as a family, going to the dog park and pretty much anything that involves spending time outdoors.