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Photo of Justin Callaway

Justin Callaway, Assistant General Manager · Bassett Street Brunch Club

Justin was born in Gary, Indiana and moved to the Madison area in 2004 to open three Jimmy John's locations. In his 25 years working in the restaurant industry Justin has done it all. “I have washed dishes, I have been a line cook, I have been a server, I have been a bartender, I have been a delivery guy, I have been an Area Manager, I've been an Assistant General Manager, I've been a General Manager. Outside of restaurants/bars, I've been an account executive with a cable advertising company and I've also sold educational books door to door in the summer while in college. So basically, people, people, people. I could never do a desk job.” Justin was a Psychology major in college and he says people are fascinating to him. He loves the sense of team and family the restaurant industry provides. “I love when, as a team, you can get ‘in the weeds’ and everybody can pull together and get out of it..especially while maintaining the team’s composure and keeping a positive attitude. When the service never suffers and everybody pulls together to get the job done...those days and nights are the best.” Justin loves working for Food Fight because he says it is comprised of people who truly understand what the restaurant business is all about and what it takes to to provide great service. Justin is married to his wife ,Amy, with whom he has two children. The family loves camping and outdoor activities. They consider themselves a hockey family and regularly attend Badger hockey games. Justin is a sports, film and music fanatic. He is a diehard White Sox fan and used to have a sports talk radio show. If Justin wasn't in the restaurant business his dream job would be sports talk radio.