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Photo of Dani Kaun

Dani Kaun, Manager · Aldo's Cafe

Dani was born in Milwaukee and lived in Racine until she was ten years old. After living in Racine, Dani and her family moved to Neenah, WI where she graduated from high school. In 2014, Dani moved to Madison where she found a sales job and endless other opportunities to work with people. “I originally got in the restaurant business because it was an easy way to make money with a flexible schedule. I stayed because I love all the people I meet. While working in sales, I have sold everything from cars, mattresses, cell phones, insurance, etc. I have found that I enjoy any job where I have interactions with people and can assist them in having a positive guest experience.” Dani enjoys working for Food Fight because of their dedication to hospitality both internally and externally. She says she loves working for a company who she believes cares so much about their employees, their guests, and the community. Dani’s customers are her favorite part of her job. “I love my customers. They are the reason I love to come to work every day. Many of my customers have become my friends and some I even consider family. I love to hear about their families, their trips and their lives in general. I love creating a memorable guest experience every day for my customers by really getting to know them.” When Dani isn’t spending time at the restaurant she studies Hospitality Management at Madison College and enjoys spending quiet time at home. “I live with my boyfriend and we have two pets. Jackson is a nine-year-old pit bull chihuahua mix and our cat Merida is 3. I love watching tv shows in my free time. Some of my favorites are Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, The Simpsons, and Gilmore Girls. I am also a huge Disney Fan. Not only just their movies, but also their hospitality mindset. I collect Sleeping Beauty memorabilia and also have their princess Aurora tattooed on my shoulder.”