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Photo of Liz Stolz

Liz Stolz, General Manager · Avenue Club

Liz's career in the restaurant industry began in New York City when she became a hostess while attending St. Ignatius and Fordham University at Lincoln Center. While majoring in Theatre Performance and Production she learned multitasking. "When I was not on stage I was behind it working as Stage Manager at Fordham, Columbia, and City Lights Youth Theatre. Go figure, balancing a love for theatre and working in the restaurant industry worked well together for me." The biggest thing Liz learned from working in New York is her understanding of competition and the importance of great service in the restaurant industry. "There is a bar every other storefront, and whether or not you have great food or location, the service is most memorable. I worked in the restaurant business for a good bit before I had the experience and confidence to be myself and stand out. I have never seen bartenders work so hard as in New York." When Liz started her career at Food Fight she did some initial hospitality training with the staff at The Coopers Tavern when they first opened. Liz and her husband moved to Madison in 2012 and she began training as an Assistant Manager at Coopers. "Peter McElvanna from Coopers is the best, and I learned so much from him and the others I had the pleasure of working with and visiting with after my shifts. To me there is nothing you can find in a bartending course or a book that readies you for the hospitality business. It is a business and a passion, but also a game with many players. You have to be excited to play every day." When Liz isn't working she enjoys going fishing with her husband Kevin and their dog.