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Photo of Ben Brady

Ben Brady, General Manager · Miko Poke, Everly

Ben Brady has worked in the restaurant industry for many years, starting with his first job as an eighth-grade busser at the Lake Ripley Country Club in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Throughout his college years, during summers off, and while teaching and traveling, he has worked at a variety of restaurants around the state and abroad. He cites "all the personalities" as his favorite part of working at restaurants, as well as the sense of togetherness, family, and teamwork that the industry cultivates. A fan of the "active, ever-changing environment" in the restaurant business, Ben's educational background is in secondary education, English, and journalism - another active and constantly buzzing industry. In his time with Food Fight so far, Ben has worked as a server, bartender, host, training manager, and assistant general manager at Cento. Recently, he took on the new role as General Manager for both Everly and Miko Poke. He likes Food Fight for its goals of "promoting from within and taking good care of its employees," as well as "the fine staff in the restaurants and office." Although he admits to having little, Ben likes to spend his free time with friends and family, exercising, cycling, taking care of his houseplants, cooking, traveling, and drinking good beer.