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Photo of Noelle Tarpey

Noelle Tarpey, General Manager · Monty's Blue Plate Diner

"I've worked in the restaurant industry since I was 15," says the Madison native. "I started as a host at Friday's and served and tended bar there for eight years, and spent the last 10 years at The Great Dane (the last 5 as GM) before joining the Food Fight Team." The things Noelle loves most about the restaurant business are "the lively, constant energy of the work day and all the great people you meet along the way! I love troubleshooting the unexpected." But of those aspects, by far her favorite is "the people, plain and simple. We get to work with and meet amazing people everyday," says Noelle. "It expands your horizons and roots you in the community at the same time." What impresses Noelle most about her coworkers is "the good old-fashioned hard work, teamwork and camaraderie it takes to pull off the job. There's always someone willing to lend a hand and pitch in to make it great for the guests and staff alike," she says. "It's amazing all the different personalities that come together who are all willing to go the extra mile for the guests and each other." And as much as Noelle and her coworkers care about the happiness of their guests, she feels the same dedication from her employer. "The one thing that seems to drive everything is concern for the quality of life our employees lead," she says. "Food Fight really gets it that you need happy, healthy staff to meaningfully connect with your guests. Because of that belief, they foster a lot of opportunity for personal and professional development that you don't see in every restaurant organization."