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Original Food Fighters

In late ‘94 Food Fight was established to provide administrative services for four independent restaurant businesses we operated at the time. Restaurants were in Monty’s blood––dishwasher at 13, busboy at 14, waiter at 16, manager at 21 and he opened his first restaurant in Minneapolis at 24. After 3 years he returned to school (but still held on to a restaurant job). It was destiny when he met Peder Moren, Connie Maxwell and Joe Krupp, who had just purchased the Havey Brothers Gas Station in Madison. After a 30 minute conversation, Peder and Monty were able to strike a deal and Monty’s Blue Plate Diner was born. They remodeled and expanded the old gas station into a retro diner––serving imaginative, contemporary food with a large vegetarian selection.

Now with many unique concepts, everyday is a new experience. You may ask––what is the icing on the cake? The boasting rights. When you work at a Food Fight restaurant, you’ll get used to hearing “This is my all-time favorite restaurant!” We never get tired of hearing that. It feels good to be part of what makes Madison such a great place to live.


Monty Schiro

President and Founder

Entrepreneur at heart, big believer in staff empowerment, all-around idea guy. Monty’s first restaurant job was with Amato’s Holiday House as a teenager. He worked through the ranks as wait staff, catering staff, and manager at various locales. While still managing the first Food Fight restaurant, he came up with the concept for a second one. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Peder Moren

Director of the Board

Leading means being ahead of the crowd. Thanks to Peder, we were a leader in going smoke-free, and in offering benefits and stock buy-ins and paid vacations for wait staff. Even the very first Food Fight restaurant offered an extensive vegetarian menu, well before the term was widely known. That’s what happens when your leader is a visionary who couples imagination with high standards.