Catering FAQ

Can I have more than one restaurant provide my catering? Yes, although our restaurants require minimum orders for catering services. If you meet the minimum requirement for each of the restaurants requested, multiple restaurants can be used for one event. Each restaurant will apply their own delivery, set up and service fees. Those fees are not combined, but kept separate.

Is there a charge for the Event Director’s services? No, Food Fight offers the Event Director’s services free of charge!

Can I book at multiple restaurants and have one contact? Yes, the Food Fight Event Director is happy to be the liaison for this.

Do your restaurants have private event spaces? Food Fight restaurants have event spaces that can seat from 5-100 guests. Food Fight also offers affiliations with the Discovery Center and Overture Center for the Arts, which have event spaces available that can seat up to 400 guests.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? Yes, we are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences and take them very seriously.

Can your restaurants provide china and silverware for offsite catering? Some of our restaurants have the ability to provide this option internally; others use an outside rental service to provide flatware and plateware. In both cases, the restaurant will provide you with the fees associated with this service.

Are you able to coordinate rental arrangements? Yes, we are.

Can you make recommendations on other services such as music, photographers and florists? Yes, our Event Managers and Event Director are able to make recommendations for these services and have worked extensively with vendors in the area to establish relationships that are beneficial for our clients.

How far in advance should I book catering? There is no magic date for booking your event. We book on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on your group size, catering orders are requested between 2-4 weeks in advance of your event.

Can you provide bar services? Food Fight has the ability to provide full bar services, as well as bartenders to serve when accompanied by a catering order. We are not able to provide bartending service without a catering order.

How far will you travel for a catering? In general, we will travel an hour’s distance for a catering event. This is dependent on group size, service needs and cooking facilities at the event location.

Do your restaurants offer tastings? Yes, tastings are available at our restaurants. Pricing and times for this vary.

Are your restaurants licensed and insured? Yes and yes! We are inspected by the State as well as a third party independent inspector. Proper sanitation is one of our top priorities.